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B2B Product Sourcing Services is very important in order to provide consumers with the best products, the selling Company need to have quality assurance products. Besides the self-manufacturing Companies, there are also Companies that need to import product from oversea countries for sales. And to ensure quality, prestige when distributing products to customers, these Companies need to look for high-quality and high-reliability product’s sources in the other market for importing. For many people , it is difficult to find such sources in oversea market due to different from language, culture, supplying area and what they need is a reputable and professional b2b product purchasing services companies.

Why should you use the professional B2B Product Sourcing Services companies from Vietnam ?

Currently, many products are distributed and circulated on the Vietnamese market, not self-produced by the suppliers. Typical examples are  fashion, fuel materials, some foods, crafts, fine arts, agricultural products, …


Vietnam b2b Product Purchasing services

And the supplier of these products and goods to consumers needs to import from a certain manufacturers. These manufacturers will provide sales units with large quantities of goods at preferential prices. And they are either the domestic sources or the foreign sources.

Sellers might have troubles or some other complex issues in the source finding process esspecially in the oversea source, making trade difficult to implement smoothly. In particular, many people who are newly starting to trade and foreigner buyers will be confused, not knowing which goods to choose to ensure product quality, transparency and safety, or a reasonable price.

Therefore, many Companies instead of looking for the source of product on their own, they will pass a third party that will be responsible for finding guaranteed sources for the sales units. And b2b finding suppliers services providers will help hirers feel safe and less burdened.

VNT Company Introduction

Established in 2017, VNT Joint Stock Company is the passion of the staff with many years of working in the fields of market development and source search. We specialize in providing package services such as:

Package supply service of purchasing, searching for goods

Market support services and distributor development in Vietnam

Market penetration support and distributor development services in Vietnam

  1. Market survey service
  2. The business representatives and partners seeking service and company establishment in Vietnam
  3. The business offices setting up service in Vietnam
  4. The online market penetration promotion service in Vietnam
  5. Services of building channels for selling: Modern Trade, General Traditional Trade … in Vietnam
  6. Logistics services, logistics, pack – pick delivery in Vietnam

Introducing the VNT’s package of Sourcing service in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with many sources of rich agro-forestry and fishery products. Besides, Vietnam is gradually becoming a country with a manufacturing industry with abundant factories and cheap labor resources.

Currently some countries such as Korea, Japan, America, China, etc…are very interested in the Vietnamese products because of low cost and good quality. However, finding sources from Vietnamese manufacturers is not easy because:

  • Manufacturers disperse in many regions. Each region develops a special kind of specialty.
  • Manufacturers usually sell through Vietnamese traders, they rarely interact with modern marketing channels.
  • Vietnamese manufacturers are not familiar with English and international trading tools.
  • Business culture in each region requires a cultural person to work smoothly (business guide)

This makes companies wishing to buy goods from Vietnam encounter many difficulties when searching for them. Besides, the search, price agreement, appointment setting, moving to suppliers also takes time and effort. Many cases of foreign companies come to Vietnam to search for suppliers but ultimately do not achieve the desired results.

Understand the need for optimal time and work efficiency. VNT provides a package of sourcing service for companies that need to search for manufacturers in Vietnam. Using our service, you can:

  1. Search for the exact number of suppliers and manufacturers you want.
  2. Deal with the optimal purchase price without being marked by a third party.
  3. Have business guide to support negotiation, interpretation, driver in the process of working in Vietnam and other procurement works..
  4. Check and monitor goods in the production process to ensure quality in Vietnam Goods are deliveried carefully to consignee’s hands safely.

By using our service, You will be able to save time, money and the most effectively seek exact source suppliers in Vietnam

The advantages of Vietnam product purchasing services 2019 of VNT Company

We are one of the companies currently performing reliable b2b sourcing services in Vietnam 2019 . Our services possess outstanding advantages as following:

Product Sourcing Services from Vietnam 2019

Professional and experienced staff in charge of  Vietnam product sourcing services processing

VNT Joint Stock Comapany has been performing goods finding Manufacturers services for many businesses in Vietnam during the past several years. Therefore, we have accumulated a lot of experience and ability to handle situations in a professional and flexible way, making transactions always smoothly and swimmingly.

Operating the reputable and reliable finding Manufacturers services

With the system of appraising the suppliers’ capacity, the supplying sources for the customers we seek and choose are the reputable and reliable manufacturers and businesses. Goods produced or collected by them all have high-quality.

Provision of the Product sourcing services providers  is transparent services

All supplier information in accordance with customer requirements will be sent to customers to ensure the principle after being searched and selected by us. Customers will work directly with suppliers, we completely  do not interfere with customers transaction process, besides we also propose factors to ensure customers benefits when submitting reports.

Implementation process of finding Manufacturers services is fast.

With the system of reputable supplier networks in Vietnam as well as completely building the evaluation criteria of suppliers to ensure the procurement process is effective and fast.

The process requires our source searching service to be simple and fast. Customers just need to fill in the required form. Our team will contact to support and confirm needs and send all information about the Supplier within 3-5 days

Beside b2b product sourcing agent, we also support interpreters and moving vehicles during contract negotiations

For foreign customers who use our b2b finding suppliers services, we will provide interpreters and translators in Vietnam to support the negotiation with the manufacturer, visiting factories smoothly and quickly.

In addition, we also support the provision of private car rental and procurement services to support works during the time staying in Vietnam so that our customers can achieve the best results.

Supporting supervise manufacturers for customers.

In the purchasing process, it is very important to ensure that the manufacturer delivers on time with good quality and quantity. This requires monitoring the progress of the buyer. In order to ensure that the process of making the right products is committed, preventing risks for customers, we also provide the customer with services of supervising the manufacturer in the goods making process. We constantly update images, progress reports to ensure the goods making process according to customer requirements.

Export product from Vietnam Services : Supporting to prepare procedures and transportion.

finding B2B suppliers services from Vietnam 2019


Simultaneously, we will ensure the documents and procedures to bring the goods to the customers’ hands quickly with our export product from Vietnam services. Moreover, all goods will be shipped by reliable team and ensure to keep the quality as well as their status when reaching the customer.

Optimal cost level for Customers for using the VNT’s sourcing services from Vietnam 2019

When using our b2b finding suppliers services, customers only have to pay fees based on the number of qualified suppliers. The buyer and the seller will negotiate directly. We do not require commissions on contracts.

Service charge table

No Service Fee Remark
1 Suppliers Sourcing fee


 100 USD/ Manufacturer Min 3 Manufaturers
2 Interpreter support
3 Renting Car and Car driver 70 usd/ day
4 Production process supervision Fee
5 Shipping line booking and export procedures
All-in combo ( discount 30 % ) Min 3 services

The difference between our b2b finding suppliers services and others.

Detail VNT’s Product Sourcing Agent Other Companies Product Sourcing Agent
Provider information


Detail information of producers includes:

–   Contact information

–   Capacity profile

–   Images of factories and products

–   Detail quotation and delivery conditions.

Only providing price and delivery conditions.

No providing detail information off suppliers.

Finding process and negotiation meet with difficulties because of limitation on delivery.

Expense –   Payment depends on the number of suppliers/ Manufactuers information that customers need. After receiving the suppliers/ Manufactuers information, the customers could actively contact to negotiate on price.

–   No additional expenses.

Other product purchasing services from Vietnam will have no expense when the customers require. However, they will get commission on contract or revalue from the supplier to get differentials.

Total amount is pretty large will affect  profit, price and ability of competition of products.

Manufacturers/ Suppliers result reports.


Sending many suppliers according to customers’ requirement.  The customers have many choices to ensure that they will choose the best manufacturers Only sending quotation. So, the customers will have less choices and will not control price quotation from any manufacturer.
Negotiation support


Supporting interpreter and doing customer supporting works during negotiation period, visiting the manufacturers in Vietnam.

Supporting to provide market information business guider.

Supporting to translate documents into English.

Only working directly with product purchasing services company from Vietnam at headquarters.

No providing interpreters when the customers want to visit many different manufaturers.

Rental Car  support



Providing rental car for the customers during negotiation process in Vietnam. The customers have to finding transport vehicle by themselves.

Process of performing the  B2b Sourcing  services from Vietnam

The process of performing the source searching service can be summarized by the following basic steps:

Implementing the process of seeking information and negotiating to sign the contract.

Process of performing VNT Sourcing Services

  1. Client fill the Services Request from and send to us (as sample)
  2. After receiving requirements from the customers, our staff will start to contact them to confirm their detail requirements..Customers deposit 50% of services fee for us.
  3. We will conduct search and select suitable supplies from our evaluation database system in combination with the source of finding suppliers/ manufacturers from the market to provide a list of the best suitable suppliers with the customers requirements.
  4. Contacting the manufacturer, collecting information and detailed images of the manufacturer, including: Profile of capacity, product, factory images, quotation, quality certificate …
  5. Negotiating on product categories, product specifications, selling prices, packaging specifications, order quantities … ..
  6. Making detailed profile reports about information of each vendor and sending full manufacturer information to customers, as well as making suggestions to help the transaction be successful including:
  • Customers will receive supplier reports of factors such as commodity selling prices, commodity sample pricing, time to produce the number of necessary goods, negotiate and determine minimum order quantities. .
  • Receiving report of each supplier’s capacity, including: Company name, business name, representative contact information, office address, warehouse address, certificates of company (such as BSCI or ISO 9001), supplier’s resume.
  • Our recommendations for customers

Note: We only act as a B2b Finding Suppliers service provider, we do not interfere with product selling prices. Negotiation on prices will be done directly by the Customer with the Manufacturer.

  1. After reaching an agreement on price, if you need to visit directly at the factory. We will provide interpreters and direct transportation to take you directly, negotiate with manufacturers, consult and negotiate contracts.
  2. When the customer agrees on the quotation and the manufacturer’s capacity, the customers conduct to sign the contract and move to the production and delivery stage.
  3. At the production and delivery stage, if you have a need, we also provide representative services if you want. You will check the quality of goods (Q&A in line, final Q&A), send finished products for quality test (in case the customers require), observing the process of making goods and preparing procedures for exporting goods from manufacturers. Send quality status reports, product images to customers.

Carry out the delivery process to customers

  1. For Vietnamese buyers, the goods for customers that we conduct negotiations in Vietnam, this process only includes signing contracts and carrying out shipping. However, for the supply of goods based and warehouse abroad, the implementation process will be more complicated.
  2. We will cooperate with the manufacturer, follow the progress of the application, correct in time if errors occur, carry out asking license for C / O, C / A, C / Q, CFS, Phyto,…
  3. Completing other necessary import and export documents and procedures.
  4. Finding the train line.
  5. Carrying out transportation and export procedures.

 The information customers need to provide us

  1. In order to find the supply of goods and products that match the requirements of the customer, you also need to provide us with accurate and complete information, including:
  2. The detailed specification of the product.
  3. Product samples.
  4. The number of products customers need.
  5. Estimate of expenditures  for ordering goods and products.

Committing to implement our B2b purchasing services from Vietnam

We implement the source searching service to ensure the following requirements of the customer:

  • We best support all requirements of customers, such as quantity, quality, condition and price.
  • Timely update the progress of making goods, production images, actual specifications, packing according to customers’ requirements
  • Our service has the best service fee, the most optimal price and depends on the product category or the method of order from the customers.
  • We promise that the goods that customers need will be guaranteed 100% if they fall into the case of loss of goods, broken goods or not in accordance with your order requirements as in the transaction contract.
  • The transportation time of goods is fast, even if it depends on the location of the product source and the place of purchase.
  • We have experienced staffs providing continuous support.
  • We always provide advice for all customers in need.
  • Top competitive and cheap service prices in the market.

Our source searching service always works with all our expertise and prestige. Please contact our staff to receive the most specific assistance and advice.

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